Eye tracking glasses – Video Demo

Brand new video showcasing the Emotiv EEG headset and the eye tracking glasses software which is compatible with hardware from Tobii, Applied Science Laboratories (ASL) and Positive Science.

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  • Introduction


An introduction and guide to eye tracking glasses – Its applications, the software and hardware, as well as its relevance in 2013.

Welcome to Eye Tracking Glasses, a site dedicated to the exciting capabilities of an ever evolving technology which is set to make a powerful mark in 2013. Never more than today are our lives influenced by the rapid advancement in technology. It seems that every day new products appear from virtually nowhere and we marvel at the incredible speed at which scientific and technological processes move forward. A perfect example of this would be eye tracking glasses, yet as you learn about their widespread capabilities, it is also surprising to learn that today’s eye tracking glasses are actually the culmination of nearly a century and a half of research.

Use our site to get informed what the technology is, what it is capable of and what hardware and software solutions are up to date in 2013

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